Tidy Up Service

Simplify your life, reduce visual distress, create inner peace through external order, and accomplish more.

Your home is where you start and end your day. But most of us live in environments that sabotage our mental wellbeing.

Psychologists suggest that a messy living space represents a disorganized internal state. Or, to be blunt, “Your clutter is what’s happening inside of you.”

Imagine if the start and end of your day could be smoother.

It’s no accident that Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing became a phenomenal global bestseller. But who has the time to do it? It’s usually pushed off for another day, week, month, or, gulp, year.

Let us do it for you. 

The best thing about staying in a luxury hotel is the inclusive tidy up service that runs like clockwork. You leave your room for a few hours, and like magic, it’s refreshed. 

We aim to do the same.

Instead of having to wait for your weekly clean, we do a quick daily visit to bring order to your chaos. Dishes are done, the bed is crisply made, bathrooms are cleaned, clutter is organized, piles of stuff are put away, and your coffee maker is sanitized and re-loaded, setting you up for another great day.

 When done correctly and consistently, Sparkle’s tidying up and organizing service will transform your life. 


When done correctly and consistently, Sparkle’s tidying up and organizing service will transform your life. 

A straightened room with a made bed and pile-free floor will leave you naturally more peaceful and equipped for a better night’s sleep. A lighter, cleaner house means you’ll be more social and likely to welcome someone over on the spur of the moment. 

A tidy, organized, clean home office enables you to process information clearer and work efficiently because visually, there’s less distracting noise in your brain. Remember, we create what we think.

Save time and money from being organized

Raise self-esteem and shift energy 

Open yourself for change and reach your divine potential

Quickly accomplish more with ease with an environment that nurtures and supports you

Find something when you need it and never misplace a special item again

Create a foundation of serenity for your children to thrive

Be happier with a new sense of hope

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