Sanitizing Services

We use CDC and EPA prescribed sanitization methods for production environments — both on-set and on-location.

We can send in specially trained staff ahead of time to deep clean (including carpet cleaning) and sanitize studios or on-location. 

If needed, two SparkleNYC people can be on set at all times. While one is on break, the other continues sanitizing so someone is always working. 

Throughout the day, we rotate across high touch surfaces, keeping them constantly clean and sanitized. 

Examples of high touch surfaces:


Cameras if needed

Doorknobs and handles

Elevator buttons

Desks and chairs

Keyboards / mouse



Light switches and plugs


Hand wash and sanitizer stations

Water fountains

We focus on all common and heavy usage areas, including:


Break rooms/sitting areas/green rooms

Kitchen/catering areas


Floor (generally during night maintenance)

We utilize state of the art equipment and products, including:

ECOLAB Multi-Surface Peroxide Cleaner and Disinfectant, an EPA-registered product that quickly disinfects in three to five minutes (killing 99.999% of germs) and kills Norovirus in as fast as 45 seconds

Vectorfog Battery Operated ULV Fogger, used predominantly for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides

Backpack and Hand Gun Victory Sprayers, which use an electrical charge to apply disinfectants across a surface evenly and effectively


GoFree® Flex Pro II from ProTeam, a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum that contains filters capable of trapping microscopic particles

IPC Eagle CT45 automatic scrubber, which features an innovative design that ensures maximum productivity in a compact scrubber

Flat mop systems, which eliminate cross-contamination

For additional peace of mind, we use the HygienaTM ATP Cleaning Verification System. This objectively determines from a microbiological level if a surface has been cleaned properly and is safe for use, or if it requires a corrective action such as re-cleaning.

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