Sparkle NYC Sanitization Attendants On-Site for Production Companies

As production opens up it is imperative to ensure the health and safety of talent and crew. Talent won’t be wearing PPE during production and it’s often difficult to comply with social distancing practices as there are technical requirements on set that require people to be closer than 6ft apart. As a result, the environment must be kept as safe and sanitized as possible.

At Sparkle NYC, we have all of production covered.  We send in specially trained staff ahead of time to deep clean/sanitize studios or on-location. 

Leading the way with our specially trained Sanitization Attendants we provide comfort and safety on-set. The role of the attendant is to sanitize the set and common areas at regular intervals and ensure good safety practices are being upheld.

Having Sparkle NYC on set creates a strong culture of compliance. Outsourcing your sanitizing to a person in a uniform that spends their day disinfecting demonstrates a level of commitment to the health and safety of all participants on set and sends the message that you care. 

We are sensitive to shifting timelines/schedules and are flexible ensuring that our staff stays until you wrap.

At Sparkle NYC we own the process from the beginning to the end.

We’d love to become your partner in sanitization.

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