COVID-19 Cleaning Service in NYC

As our world faces novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), cleaning has never been more important. Sparkle NYC will take care of your home or office.
Sparkle NYC has now begun to clean and schedule cleaning for homes and offices. This way you have peace of mind knowing that when you return to the city your home and/or office will be sanitized and safe.
We offer three COVID-19 services:
1) Deep Cleaning with Disinfection of high-touch surfaces (like light switches, door handles, keyboards, bathrooms, desks, countertops). This is a manual cleaning and will make your home/office sparkle.
2) Sanitization service using EPA Registered one step hospital use Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaners (Fiberlock, Mediclean, Badaxe). This is applied with an Electrostatic Sprayer. This covers all surfaces quickly and you must leave your space for 20 minutes. This service is a sanitization service only and does not provide cleaning. It can be used in combination with our regular cleaning service.
3) Office Protocol Consulting/Set-up. We are keeping up with CDC and FDA guidelines and can offer consulting services to get you up and running and stay current when guidelines change. We have partners in all areas to keep your employees safe including nurses to do temperature checks. We are able to train in house staff on how to clean surfaces effectively so your cleaning needs are not all outsourced.
Our teams are outfitted with medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure no germs are left behind.
We ALWAYS make sure that we are taking care of your delicate finishings.

We will get back to within 24 hours.

Sparkle NYC Cleaning Service