Commercial Cleaning

Our goal is to make your space a pristine environment to do extraordinary work. 

First off, we’ll work closely with you to plan a personalized cleaning strategy, tailored to the needs of your space. This usually involves a walkthrough by one of our specialists to best understand your needs. Whether it’s a production office, catering space, stage, or street, we’ll have you covered.

We use CDC and EPA prescribed cleaning methods and meticulous checklists to ensure consistent excellence. Our team lives by the motto, “We fail when we’re asked.”

  • • Each day the trash bins are regularly emptied and the bags are replaced. 
  • • All carpets are vacuumed thoroughly and wooden or tile floors are swept and mopped. 
  • • Glass doors are wiped down. 
  • • Fixtures are dusted and we sanitize common surfaces for added protection. 
  • • In kitchen areas, we load and unload dishwashers, clean the inside of appliances, and sanitize the outside handles to eradicate germ transfer and allergic reactions. 
  • • Restrooms are left sparkling clean. Urinals, toilets, toilet seats, and handles are scrubbed and sanitized. 
  • • Soap dispensers, paper towels, and air fresheners are refilled as needed.
Commercial Cleaning

For deep cleaning, we pay meticulous attention to frequently overlooked areas such as door frames, baseboards, behind appliances, curtain rails, radiators, closets, window frames, lamps and shades, fans, above and behind appliances etc. 

Our extensive methods may include specialized cleaning solutions, scrubbers and steamers to remove accumulated dirt, dust, grease, wax, mildew, mold, stains and stubborn residue which is difficult to remove.

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