About Us

You are a discerning person with extraordinary taste and a home to match. You’ve worked hard to be able to afford fine finishes and beauty around you. Why wouldn’t you have a trained team of professionals to take care of your home? A daily housekeeping service has its limits. We provide cleaning that maintains your home to make it feel like it’s new – forever.

Sparkle NYC was created to serve high-end General Contractors and Designers so they could dazzle their clients with the Big Reveal. We are trained to clean your home to perfection and provide quality control support. Often we’re kept on as part of the maintenance package that General Contractors provide because our attention to detail is unrivaled.

Most cleaning companies rely on inexpensive, unskilled labor and pocket the difference. At Sparkle NYC we are on a mission to provide high-end cleaning services to our clients by paying our employees a fair wage and offering extensive training.

At Sparkle NYC we are a team that cares because we care about our employees.

What that means for you is you get a team of skilled cleaners in your home and office that care about what they are doing and are paid well and trained. They know how to handle fine finishes to ensure they look new after each cleaning.

We believe we can offer you a rate that is competitive and take care of our people.

A real WIN-WIN.